Friday, September 7, 2012

qSerialTerm: Qt based Serial Port Image Viewer

qSerialTerm, an open source Qt based Serial Port interface software, can now be used to view images streamed via a Serial Port.

Currently, qSerialTerm supports Grayscale, RGB888 and YCbCr422 formats. Below you can see the interface.

qSerialTerm configured to receive images.

By default, the received image is displayed at its original size. By checking the "Fit to Screen" check box, the image will be scaled to fit the screen.

Image scaling using "Fit to screen" check box.

Simple demo

As usual, I'm posting a demo image. By shorting the TX and RX lines of my USB<->UART converter, I'll control the RGB levels of a single pixel. To do so, I'm using the "frame" feature and the Image Viewer mode.

Demo: Echoing back a RGB pixel.

OV7670 demo

To do!


You can get qSerialTerm source code from this repository.

More Information

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qSerialTerm for servomotor control
qSerialTerm for data acquisition


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  2. how to get the setup for this qserialterm???
    plz help i am unable to check whether proper image is coming or not??

  3. i forget to add that i need it for windows 7